ID Badges and Student Dress Code


At Mountain View Middle School, every student is required to carry their student ID daily, on a breakaway lanyard. The ID card consists of the student's photo and identification number. It is mandatory for students to have their ID card to check out books from the library, buy meals, attend school events, and retrieve a confiscated cell phone. The IDs also serve multiple safety and security purposes, ensuring that students are identifiable while on campus. 

If a student loses their ID card, they can get a replacement from the Library for $10.00 for the ID and $2.00 for the lanyard. It is important to note that student IDs are part of the student dress code and must not be defaced in any way. Therefore, every student must keep their ID card with them at all times.

Starting January 9, 2024, failure to wear your ID will result in a dress code violation. Three violations will result in one day of ISS.