Immunization Information

Hello MVMS Parents and Families,

We wanted to remind you about vaccinations and starting school, please see below. (4) indicates that if the school is not provided evidence of immunization compliance then the student will be disenrolled. If your child/student comes to school without this proof parents will be called to pick them up from school until State mandated requirements are met.

We wanted to remind you that as you know all students are required to have up to date vaccinations. Recently, the “New Mexico Childcare/Pre-School/School Entry Immunization Requirements “2023-2024  School Year” document was released. As most of you are aware, all public and private New Mexico  (NM) schools are required by state law and regulations to: 

(1) Maintain current immunization records for all students. 

(2) Make immunization records available to the NM Department of Health (NMDOH).

(3) Report immunization compliance and noncompliance to NMDOH; and 

(4) Commence disenrollment proceedings for students who are unable to provide either valid satisfactory evidence of immunization compliance per state law or a current and valid  immunization exemption. 

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Mountain View's children protected from vaccine preventable diseases. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

NMDOH  New Mexico Childcare/Pre-School/School Entry Immunization Requirements