Parent and Player MVMS Expectations

My name is Martin Mondragon the Athletic Coordinator at MVMS. Congrats in being part of our athletic program. Our expectations is that our student/ athletes are students first athlete second. Our programs want to model positive behaviors and academic success. We want to build positive character and teach life skills. MVMS is a feeder to CHS which continues to have success in their athletic programs year after year. In order to be part CHS students athletes must focus in being the best they can be in the classroom and in their athletic programs. Student athletes must work hard, become a student of the game, build game speed and strength, and  doing this consistently, so that when they get to the high school level, they have a chance to be part of the CHS athletic programs. 

As each teams are selected we will have a parent/ player meeting to discuss expectations, hand out game schedules and go over information.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.