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Mrs. Cramer

Welcome 2018-2019 8th Grade Parents and Students!
This is going to be a great year!  I am excited to work with these new 8th graders and to meet their parents.
Students will need to bring basic supplies to class everyday in order to be successful in ELA:
1.  Paper
2. Pencils
3. Pens
4. 3 different colored highlighters- many students do not have highlighters and we will use them all year.
5. 100 index cards per quarter (400 total- 200 at the dollar store for $1)
6. (optional) ear buds for Chromebooks.  I have headphones for all students in my classroom.

When absent, students should check the Google Classroom, weekly agenda, and syllabus to determine what they missed.  I will set up Thursday's during lunch to tutor or help students get caught up.  I will also be available in the morning before school, if students give me notice that they are coming in for help.

Students will be required to complete missing classwork at home.  Students should study stems every night for 5 minutes to prepare for bi-monthly quizzes.  Students may decide to read a text in myPerspectives to be better prepared when we discuss and annotate it in class.  Sometimes class assignments in Google Classroom may indicate late or missing.  If we are still working on a task, this may occur once in awhile.  Most of the time, the students tasks should not indicate missing, but "turned in" when they go into those tasks in the Google Classroom

3rd Quarter Syllabus

Please click on the link above to access assignments, due dates and stems/vocab. I will update the syllabus as our schedule changes.

3rd Quarter Informational Text Checked out from the Library on January 11th.

  • Students have already filled out a 100 point form in the library about the book they checked out.
  • There will be two more tasks to complete for this project- stay tuned.

2nd Quarter Holocaust Novel (Click to access schedule)

Students should be reading every night.  They will be working on collaborative slides on Fridays or on Google Tour in order to demonstrate understanding of what they have read.  It will be difficult to do this if they do not read the required pages.

myPerspectives Text
Students log onto PowerSchool and then click on Pearson Courses in order to access their textbook.  The book contains rigorous and challenging texts.  I strongly advise students to read over any text discussed in class, especially if they are struggling with the comprehension assessments.  Students can also show parents any reading assessment they have taken in class.  The assessment will indicate the grade, the correct and incorrect questions and the strength as well as weak areas in relationship to the 8th grade standards. 

How Do Students Bring up their Grades during Quarter 2?
Students have access to request forms in Google Classroom to retake or rewrite a task that is a practice or assessment grade.  They must first request to do so by specifically noting what they will need to do differently to be successful when they retake an assessment or rewrite a summary, narrative or essay.  They must submit the form before Thursday and I must approve their request in order for them to retake or rewrite on  Wednesday during class.
Every time they have an assessment, I create a form for them to fill out if they would like to bring up their grade.
Check out the forms below: No forms at this point in the quarter

Quarter 2 Syllabus (Click to access syllabus)
The syllabus link above provides students with the tasks that will be graded this quarter and the dates they will be assessed.


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