Health Science - Mr. Garcia

I cannot believe the Semester is already over, and I have to say good- bye to my Health students. I enjoyed helping your child learn the importance of making healthful decisions. My classes were hard working and insightful; they made my job easy and enjoyable. 

I have given them all the information they need to make healthful decisions. I will leave my classes with this saying, as I do with all my students, "Go out and make smart decisions."


There are many of my students who have not yet turned in their research paper which was assigned on November 18 and was due on November 25. I have informed my students that the last day to turn in this assignment is Monday December 9th this is three weeks over due. 
On Monday November 18 I assigned my Health research paper. Students are to find 3 (three) Health related articles, and write a few paragraphs answering these questions.

Why did you pick this article, why is it important to me.
What information were you looking for?
Did the article provide you with that information?
Did you find the articles helpful or not?
for this they need to be specific tell me how they found it helpful and how they will use the information. If they did not find the information helpful, why ( did not tell them anything new, was too difficult to understand, etc.)

They will have one week to complete this assignment it will be due on Nov. 25th

Dec 9-13

This week I will finish my last unit on tobacco/alcohol/ drugs
Monday; meth and club drugs
Tuesday; video on the dangers of drugs
Wednesday; test over this unit
Thursday; short video on compression only 
CPR and in class study for EoC's
Friday; students will be taught compression only CPR how to use a AED machine and the Heimlich maneuver.

Have a great weekend!

power points used in class can be found by clicking on Useful Links found in the upper left portion of this page. My students will be taught how to navigate to get there within the first few days of school.