Consumer Science - Shelly Blanchard

Shelly Blanchard


Welcome to Consumer Science and Exploratory Consumer Science. Students will learn about: 
Nutrition, Measuring, Appliances, Equipment, Recipe Math, MyPlate, Meal Planning, Safety, Sanitation, and Foodborne Illness while preparing different recipes and enjoying their delicious creations!  Click on Useful Links to see the schedule for the semester! 

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Week of 8/9 -8/10/2018              Topic: Course Introductions
Thursday: Introductions, class rules, supplies, and getting to know you!
Friday: Fire drill and Lockdown practice. Continue getting acquainted activities. 
$15 Lab fee is due 8/24/18. Cash or Check (made out to MVMS) 
Please let me know on that form if your child has ANY FOOD ALLERGIES. I want students to be able to eat and enjoy the foods they cook in class. 
Our first Cooking Lab Experience will be during the 1st week of Sept. Class Contract  must be signed by parent/guardian and student. 

 Week of 8/13/18                                 Topic: My Plate Food Groups
Important Notice: Students with a D or lower will not participate in the upcoming lab. They will use lab time to finish work or redo work. 
Lab scores will be entered as Practice grades for the first quarter
. During 2nd quarter Lab scores will be Assessment  grades. 
Students will make covers for their composition notebooks, hereafter called Interactive Notebooks or IaNs. They will put in notes about the 5 Food Groups in the MyPlate Food Plan.

Students will create a MyPlate project to show knowledge of food groups, servings and portions.