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Shelly Blanchard


Welcome to Consumer Science and Exploratory Consumer Science. Students will learn about: 
Nutrition, Measuring, Appliances, Equipment, Recipe Math, MyPlate, Meal Planning, Safety, Sanitation, and Foodborne Illness while preparing different recipes and enjoying their delicious creations!  Click on Useful Links to see the Syllabus and Contract. Each week I will add notes, videos and recipes to the Useful Links!    Thanks for checking in!

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1/8/19- 1/11/19                       Topic: Introductions and Classroom Procedures 
Happy New Year and Welcome Back to school! This week we will work on classroom procedures, rules, expectations and team building activities.

Students will bring home a Consumer Science Contract on Thursday. This must be signed by a parent or guardian for students to participate in the lab activities. 

There is a $15 class fee for this class that pays for food students cook and eat. This is a one-time fee for the semester. Please pay with cash or check to MVMS by 1/23/19.

 1 Composition Notebook
  4 Glue sticks 
  4 highlighters in different colors

   Paper plates
   plastic forks
   disinfecting wipes

Week of 1/14/19                                              Topic: Appliances & Equipment

REMINDER- Consumer Science Contract and $15 Lab Fee is due 1/23

Students will put covers on their composition notebooks, make a Table of Contents and begin adding notes. 

We begin our Appliances unit. Students will view the appliances in our kitchens and learn the basics of how to use, set controls, and clean the stove, oven, and microwave. Other appliances (mixers, waffle maker, blenders) are introduced. 
Thursday and Friday we will review 41 pieces of Equipment. Students will see where they are stored and how they are used.
There will be a test next week over appliances and equipment!

Week of 9/24/18                                           Topic: Equivalent Measures
Yea more measuring!!!! It just gets trickier now!
Monday: Lab Review of Cleanup and +^ Rx page for 3-6th period.  Review for Test. 
 YES,  YOU HAVE A TEST on measuring.  We will review results if time allows. Student Measuring observations will continue for those who haven't measured flour & water yet. 
Tuesday: Math in the Kitchen DVD and worksheet. How do you use those equivalent measures?
Wednesday:   Equivalent practice pages. Recipe Review for the Lab
Thursday: Recipe demo to watch and Lab Plans, kitchen job charts. Find the correct measurements for the recipe!
Friday: LAB, you will make the recipe after you unscramble the amounts for each ingredient. Dress appropriately! 

Week of 9/17/18                        Topic: Measuring Liquids & Measuring w/ Spoons
Monday: Notes about measuring cups
Tuesday: What, more notes? Yes! At least you don't have to copy them! We will finish our worksheets regarding measuring with spoons and liquids
Wednesday: Are you caught up? Any student who isn't caught up will forfeit the lab Thursday. Use your time wisely. Students will practice measure flour and water to complete 7 different measurements accurately. 
Thursday: Measuring Lab #1 - measuring with spoons & liquid measuring cups
Friday: Measuring Lab #2 - more measuring and more food preparation!

Week of 9/10/18                                           Topic: Measuring  Ingredients

 Measuring with dry measuring cups is the focus this week.
We will have notes regarding the various measuring cups - 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/4 cup.
Students will learn how to measure flour, brown sugar, and butter.
Measuring techniques include level, heaping, packing ingredients, sifting flour, and measuring butter/margarine with the stick method. 
Thursday LAB!!!!
2nd Period - Green Chile Cheese Quick Bread
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th period -  Biscuit Twists.  

Week of 9/3/18                                           Topic: Lab Procedures & Kitchen Jobs

Monday- No School! It's Labor Day! Enjoy your day off!
Tuesday - We review your quiz and see how you did! We will watch a YouTube about hand-washing dishes and go through the procedures for lab days, what to wear, what to do, etc.
Wednesday - Don't forget - it's picture day! 
We will cover Lab Job duties, choose your kitchen jobs, and learn how to write a lab plan and an ingredient and equipment list. Remember: No Plan = No Lab!
Thursday - Lab Day!!! 2nd period will vote on what they want to make. 3rd-6th periods will make Rice (or other cereal) Krispy Treats. Be sure to wear close-toe shoes, bring a hair tie, and wear a shirt under your hoodie!    
Don't Forget _ Curriculum Night 5-6pm.
Have your parents visit our school to see all the great things you have been doing and learning!  They'll love it!
Friday - We will analyze our lab.How'd did it go, what could be done better You will complete a + ^ form. 
Week of 8/27/18                                                           Topic:  Kitchen Safety
Monday - Equipment Scavenger Hunt to identify equipment and find the storage location in the kitchens. 
Tuesday - Finishing up Kitchen Equipment and Appliances. There will be a test over the equipment and appliances.
Wednesday - Safety review and Power Point presentation. 
Thursday  - Mr. Robinson is our Guest teacher. Students will read the 3 pages of notes provided (better than copying them by hand!) and use this information to complete a Safety Errors worksheet. 
Friday - Mr. Robinson is our Guest Teacher again. Students will take a Preventing Kitchen Accidents Quiz



Week of 8/13/18                                 Topic: My Plate Food Groups
Important Notice: Students with a D or lower will not participate in the upcoming lab. They will use lab time to finish work or redo work. 
Lab scores will be entered as Practice grades for the first quarter
. During 2nd quarter Lab scores will be Assessment  grades. 
Students will make covers for their composition notebooks, hereafter called Interactive Notebooks or IaNs. They will put in notes about the 5 Food Groups in the MyPlate Food Plan.

Students will create a MyPlate project to show knowledge of food groups, servings and portions. 

Week of 8/9 -8/10/2018              Topic: Course Introductions
Thursday: Introductions, class rules, supplies, and getting to know you!
Friday: Fire drill and Lockdown practice. Continue getting acquainted activities. 
$15 Lab fee is due 8/24/18. Cash or Check (made out to MVMS) 
Please let me know on that form if your child has ANY FOOD ALLERGIES. I want students to be able to eat and enjoy the foods they cook in class. 
Our first Cooking Lab Experience will be during the 1st week of Sept. Class Contract  must be signed by parent/guardian and student.