Art - Kelly Luzzi

Kelly Luzzi
I am the art educator for Mountain View Middle School. I have a bachelors in Fine Art with an undergraduate thesis from the University of New Mexico and I am currently in the graduate program for Art Education.

As an art educator I will help prepare students for future success by teaching them the tools of being a creative and critical thinker. Since creative jobs are expected to rise the most in the future, it is our job as educators to set our students up for success in the job market. 


I believe it is important the classroom is based on mutual respect and is a safe environment for students to experiment and challenge their skills. As a teacher it is crucial that one can adjust a lesson to the wide range of student ability and I work to challenge all students to improve from their personal starting point. My lessons are written to allow each student to explore and ensure that their outcomes are unique. I do not believe in using "cookie-cutter" lesson plans because it hinders the students ability to think creatively.