ELA - Ms. C'de Baca

  •  THU, August 16th
  • Prepare for domain vocabulary usage and spelling quiz on Fri, 8/17 (30-pt grade)

You can visit www.yourdictionary.com for extra help with usage of these words in context

1. What is an important attribute for a student to have? What is your main attribute? What can be attributed to success in life?

2. Name a gratifying feeling. Name a gratifying experience in life. List 3 gratifying milestones in life.

3. Why should a person be persistent in life? What (inhuman) can be persistent and when?

4. Name 3 notable historic figures. What are 3 notable milestones in life.

5. What can inspire people in life?


  • Tue, August 14th

    Baseline narrative, "About Me". 20-pt baseline grade. 
    All absences must complete the assignment upon return. 


    Wed, August 15th

    --What is a milestone? 
    --Name 3 notable milestones in life
    --Learning to make complex statements (Answer+Explanation)