ELA - Ms. C'de Baca

  •  WED, Jan. 16th
  • Objective Summary Assessment (ALL absences from Wed MUST make up the missed assessment) 
  •  TUE, Jan. 15th
  • Complete vocab 1-5 quiz (ALL absences must make up the missing assignment)
  • Finish preparation for the objective summary assessment of Freedom of the Press? ---100-pt assessment grade Wed, 1/16
  • --Determine 3 central ideas of the text (initial sentence)
    --Determine 3 main ideas (mid-section)
    --Determine the author's main claim (final sentence)

  • MON, Jan. 14th

Read and annotate Unit III launch text, "Freedom of the Press?"
--Determine 3 central ideas of the text
--Determine 3 main ideas
--Determine the author's main claim

Is the issue of media/news censorship debatable or controversial? Why? 


Vocab 1-5 prep (100% grade on Tue, 1/15): spelling, recall of last word and usage in context.

  1. What can be retorted? What kind of words from someone else may cause one to have a retort?
  2. How would a candid person speak? Name 2 character traits a candid person would have.
  3. Name 3 things/ideas that can be rectified and explain how. (_______ can be rectified by…)
  4. Name 3 situations that would cause one to speculate about something.
  5. When does a person need to verify something? List 3 instances.