ELA - Ms. C'de Baca

WED 11/14---FRI 11/16

Explanatory essay writing, focus: body paragraphs.

Step 1:
Make a thesis to answer a question of How are historical events reflected in the play The Diary of Anne Frank?
Steps 2-3: Break the thesis into 3 topic sentences and closely paraphrase to avoid verbatim repetition. 
Step 4:Cite most relevant textual evidence in a 3-step MLA parenthetical format. 
Step 5: Explain the cited evidence in-depth (2 sentences).
Step 6: Logically transition into next body paragraph.

MON 11/12

1) Chronological Timeline (MP 196-197). Add relevant historical facts and events to the circle map.

2) Prepare for vocab 16-20 (spelling, usage, recalling last word). 50-pt grade on Tue, 11/13.

  1. What could cause a feeling of foreboding? When/why/how?
  2. What could cause apprehension for a person? For a student? When/why/how?
  3. What are people with strong intuition usually called? If a person has a strong intuition, what do they tend to act like/be like?
  4. Why might a person be rigid with tension? If a person has a rigid personality, what are they like/what do they tend to act like?
  5. Why is it useful to be insistent in life? What can cause a person to be insistent?