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Welcome to Ms. Groves' 6th Grade Earth Science Web page.


The "Useful Links"  tab will provide access to copies of assignments, the expectation letter and the lab safety contract. You will also find a PDF file of the textbook in this folder. 

To find out what we do in class each day, and to find absent work, please click on Calendar to the left, find the day you were absent and click the link for the day you missed.

  • Grading Policy

Grades will be put into two categories: Assessment and Practice. Please see the guidelines below:

Test - Assessment (70%)

Performance Expectation - Assessment (70%)

Lab - Practice (30%)

In-Class Work - Practice (30%)

Quizzes - Practice (30%)

Activities - Practice (30%)

 Many assignments that students work on will be entered into the gradebook and marked collected. Grades will only be entered if they are specifically addressing the Next Generation Science Standard Curriculum.

 I know that the two categories seem rigid. However,

STUDENTS CAN RE-DO ASSIGNMENTS. In addition, students can re-take tests upon request. Test re-takes will be an alternate version of the original test.

  • Late Work Policy

 Students will have until the end of each quarter to turn in missing assignments. Any assignment that is not turned by the end of each quarter will be marked as a zero in the grade book. Please encourage your child to complete their work on time and to make any corrections right away. Because concepts build, it is in their best interest to be punctual.

  • ​Homework Policy

If students do not finish assigned work in class, it becomes homework due the next day.



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