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Pam Garcia Arnold, BSN, RN
School Nurse 
505-867-0711 xt 366

You are encouraged to share any concerns or problems relevant to your child's health. If you have any questions or would like to meet with me, please do not hesitate to call me at 505-867-7011 Ext. 366.
Tracey Todd 
Health Assistant 
505-867-0711 xt 365

The health office is a facility where sick or injured students are triaged, assessed, treated and/or referred for further treatment. It is staffed with a State Department of Education licensed school nurse or trained health assistant.
All efforts will be made to return a student to class if deemed appropriate by the health office staff. A student may be considered a candidate for exclusion from school or from the school bus at the discretion of the health room staff. Reasons for exclusion from school or bus may include, but are not limited to: vomiting, diarrhea, fever of 100 degrees or greater, significant injury, or symptoms not responding to treatment. 

***Children may not return to school until they are free of fever for 24 hours without the aid of symptom reducing medications such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Children who have incidents of vomiting or diarrhea may return the following day when the symptoms are no longer present. Students may not come to school if they have been experiencing vomiting or diarrhea the evening before, or the morning of school attendance.*** 
Students who are placed on antibiotics by their physician must remain at home for the first 24 hours of therapy. Please contact the school nurse when you are not sure if your child is well enough to attend school. Your child’s good health is important to us!  

Together let us keep our children and schools healthy and free from the flu!

CDC Study Finds Flu Vaccine Saves Children’s Lives


Press Release

For Immediate Release : Monday, April 3, 2017
Contact: Media Relations
(404) 639-3286

A new CDC study published today in Pediatrics is the first of its kind to show that flu vaccination significantly reduced a child’s risk of dying from influenza. The study, which looked at data from four flu seasons between 2010 and 2014, found that flu vaccination reduced the risk of flu-associated death by half (51 percent) among children with underlying high-risk medical conditions and by nearly two-thirds (65 percent) among healthy children. The study findings underscore the importance of the recommendation by CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics that all children 6 months and older get an annual flu vaccine.

Researchers estimated how effective the vaccine was at preventing flu-related deaths by comparing the vaccination status of the children who died from flu to comparison groups of children.  The comparison groups were obtained from two national surveys and a database of commercial insurance claims.

“Every year CDC receives reports of children who died from the flu. This study tells us that we can prevent more of these deaths by vaccinating more,” said Brendan Flannery, PhD, lead author and epidemiologist in the Influenza Division. “We looked at four seasons when we know from other studies that the vaccine prevented flu illness, and we found consistent protection against flu deaths in children.”

During the study period, 358 laboratory-confirmed, flu-associated child deaths were reported to CDC. Of the reported pediatric deaths with known vaccination status (291), only one in four children (26 percent) had been vaccinated.

Since the 2004-2005 season, flu-related deaths in children reported to CDC during regular flu seasons ranged from 37 (during 2011-2012) to 171 (during 2012-2013). During the current flu season, 61 pediatric deaths have been reported to CDC as of March 25, 2017. More information about pediatric deaths is available in an interactive format at

Remember students need to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep every night and eat a healthy breakfast before coming to school.
Studies show that students who do not eat breakfast before school have problems including headaches, stomach aches, fatigue, irritability and have lower test scores. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so if your child is running late coming in to school, breakfast may be purchased from the cafeteria. 

VACCINE REMINDER:  All students registering for the seventh grade MUST have a Tdap immunization on file.  If you aren't sure whether or not the school has record of your child's Tdap, please call the Health Office at 867-7011, ext. 366.  Immunizations are given free of charge at the Sandoval County Health Office 1500 Idalia Rd. NE, Bernalillo, NM  87004. 
Call before going to make sure the nurse is available to give shots.  The phone number is (505) 867-2291.  Students will not be given their class schedule for the school year if their shot record is not compliant.  


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