The following documents are needed to participate and can be turned in to Coach Mondragon. You may find forms on the link below.

1.Physical form (Completed by Doctor) Click Here    Dated after April 1st

2. History Form

3. Copy of insurance card

4. Completion of Students Concussion Certificate
Click on this link to complete:

5. Coronavirus Acknowledgement Form (Click Here)

  • Athletes attending school 100% virtually or hybrid they qualify to try out for each sport.
  • Each student athlete will be required to have a sports physical and may use last year’s physical for participation. If you did not submit one to the MVMS athletic department last year you will need to complete a physical and turn in to Martin Mondragon at MVMS. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Virtual and Hybrid student’s eligibility will be at the end of quarter or semester to determine eligibility. Athletes must have a 2.0 GPA with no more than one F. Athletes NOT ABLE TO MEET REQUIREMENTS IN EDGENUITY OR GOOGLE CLASSROOM WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TRYOUT or participate. We are following NMAA guidelines.

New Start Dates 2021/2022for Middle School Athletics


8th Grade Football-August  16th.  Contact Coach Stepic at for more info.

6th Grade Metro Volleyball- Last week in August. See below for more info.

7th& 8th Grade Volleyball
- Tryouts will be August 23, 24, 25 after school.

7th & 8th Grade Boys and Girls Basketball
Tryouts will be in November. Stay tuned for dates and times.

 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Wrestling -November. Will post dates and times at a later time.

6th, 7th & 8th Grade Baseball  &  Softball-Tryouts will be at the beginning of March Times and Dates TBA

 7th & 8th Grade Boys and Girls Track & Field - March Times and dates TBA

Students will NOT be allowed to Tryout or participate if they cannot meet requirement as per NMAA.
All Athletes trying out must have all forms required to tryout. They may be emailed or brought the day of tryouts. All Athletes must meet elgibility requirtements.

Covid Guidlines will be posted as information arrives from the NMAA
* Bring Own Water Bottle
* Mask will be worn at all times during tryouts
* All players will be asked to asked to be picked up and dropped off on time as we will be having teams come in at their designated times for tryouts

Athletic Department must have the following documents before tryouts

  1. Physical Packet Concussion Form (Must be after April 1st)
  2. Last years physical or physicals before April 1st will not be accepted..
  3. Coronavirus Acknowledged Form
  4. Copy of Insurance
  5. History Form
  6. Concussion Form


Volleyball for Parents
Covid-19 Participation Guidelines
Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Martin Mondragon /Athletic Coordinator



Student concussion certificate of completion (click HERE to access course)  Sign up for an account, add the student concussion course to your basket (course is free) and complete the course.  At the end of the course you will be issued a certificate of completion.  This certificate will need to be downloaded and emailed or turned into 

      Sports offered at MVMS


6th Grade Metro Volleyball-
All 6th grade girls may play volleyball. It is a no cut sport with practices twice a week with games one day a week for a 6 to 7 week season. Practices will be held at MVMS and CHS. Games will be played at RRHS and CHS. Our high school coaches organize our metro program and will have more info posted on start dates and times closer to the begininng of the school year.

7th &  8th Grade Volleyball- There will be tryouts with one team of 12 to 15 players on the team. Teams will be selected by our coaches and along with help from CHS Volleyball Coaches. Players will be evaluated on skill level, fundamentals of the game, understanding of the game, attitude and being coachable. 

8th Grade Football- Football is for 8th- grade only. There are no tryouts and all athletes will be part of the team. MVMS football is a travel team and plays teams like Grants, Los Lunas, Santa Fe and all Rio Rancho Middle Schools. 

 7th and 8th Grade Boys and Girls Basketball- There will be tryouts for all teams with one team being selected. Each team will have a roster of 12 to 15 players. The 7th-grade boys will travel with the 8th-grade boys team and the 7th-grade girls will travel with 8th-grade girls team. Teams will be selected by our coaches along with CHS basketball coaches. Players will be evaluated on skill level, fundamentals of the game, understanding of the game, and attitude. 


6th, 7th & 8th Grade Wrestling- Wrestling is for 6th, 7th  and 8th grade . There are no tryouts. All practices will be held at Rio Rancho Middle School. Must provide own transportation to practice. MVMS and RRMS combine to make one team. It is a travel team and competes with local schools. 



7th and 8th Grade Track and Field- Track and field is for 7th and 8th-grade boys and girls. There are no tryouts. MVMS combines with RRMS to make one team. Track teams travel to compete with surrounding area schools. Practices are held at CHS and athletes must provide their own transportation to practice.

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Baseball- Baseball is offered to 6th,7th A  physical, history form and a copy of insurance card must be complete and on file in prior to tryouts. and 8th-grade boys. There will be tryouts for baseball. Team roster is from 18 to 25 players. Players will be evaluated on skill level, fundamentals of the game, understanding of the game, attitude and being coachable.

6th,7th and 8th Grade Softball- Softball is offered to 6th,7th  and 8th grade. There will be tryouts. with 18 to 25 players on the team. Players will be evaluated on skill level, fundamentals of the game, understanding of the game, and attitude. 

As each season approaches, I will post information on the MVMS athletic web page. The MVMS Web Page will have information as it is received. Any questions you may have, you may contact me. 

Martin Mondragon

MVMS Athletic Director

Athletic Handbook