Health 8th


Dec. 4-8

Continued Discussion on drugs including; Steroids and club drugs.

Dec. 11-15

Busy week.  Monday wrap-up unit on drugs with a classroom debate on the Legalization of recreation use of Marijuana. Tuesday students will take a survey on the Health class and begin preparation for their EoC next week. Wednesday students will view a short video on the proper technique of compression only CPR, with skill development on Thursday. Friday final preparation for EoCs.  

I can't believe the Semester is already over, and I have to say good- bye to my group of Health students. I hope your child learned the importance of making healthful decisions. I enjoyed my classes this semester they were hard working and insightful. They made my job easy and enjoyable. 
 I have given them all the information they need to make healthful decisions. I left my classes with this saying; "Go out and make smart decisions."

a great weekend!

Power points used in class can be found by clicking on Useful Links found on the upper left of this page. My students have been taught how to navigate to get there.