Consumer Science - Shelly Blanchard

Shelly Blanchard


Welcome to Consumer Science and Exploratory Consumer Science. Students will learn about: 
Nutrition, Measuring, Appliances, Equipment, Recipe Math, MyPlate, Meal Planning, Safety, Sanitation, and Foodborne Illness while preparing different recipes and enjoying their delicious creations!  Click on Useful Links to see the schedule for the semester! 

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Week of 10/16/17 Topic: Knife Skills and Food Safety

This week we will watch youtube demonstrations to learn how to use the knives safely and how to make the different kinds of cuts. Students will practice cuts initially with potatoes and later cut vegetables to create their food products. You will sanitize your cutting boards and clean knives as shown this week. Students must follow safety guidelines to participate in the lab. 
Click on Useful Links in the box in the upper left corner. You can preview a short knife skills video.

Reminder-  If I gave you a Conference Form, please turn it in by Wednesday. 
Conferences are October 31st. 

Week of 10/9/17 Topic: Food Safety and Knife Skills
We will finish our Parts of the Recipe Lab on Monday. Students in 6th period will analyze their lab and restore kitchens. You will read in the text about food safety and learn the names and uses of 4 knives. 

For week of 9/25                                 Topic of the week: Equivalent Measures

Measuring Test RETAKE will be on Monday!!!
If you scored below 70 % you may retake the test. In order to participate in the lab you must have a C or higher and all work completed.
Mon 9/25:
Review missing assignments. All unfinished work is due Friday morning.  Be sure to meet with me!!!
Review Lab Job Duties, Update Job Charts, finish making folders for your graded assignments and tests, file graded assignments. Intro new unit- Equivalents in the Kitchen.

Tuesday:  Reading chapter 16 pages 124-127. Equivalent notes to be highlighted.
Wednesday: Recipe Math DVD and worksheet. Learn about culinary abbreviations. 
Thursday: Use equivalent knowledge to find the correct  ingredient measurements for this week's lab. Create you lab plan.
Friday: Equivalent Lab. 

For Week of 9/4:
Tues: KITCHEN SAFETY TEST - Students must pass this test to work in the kitchens!!
         Kitchen Procedures/ Job duties
Wed: Lab Plans/ Aprons/ Procedures
Thur: Demo for the Lab, take notes.  Reminder: Friday be sure to DRESS FOR LAB- No open          toe shoes, long sleeves, jackets, hoodies
Fri: 1st Lab & Lab Analysis

Don't Forget: Curriculum Night is Thursday 9/7,  5 - 6:30 PM. I look forward to meeting parents!

For the week of 8/28:
On Monday we will have a quiz over Appliances and Equipment.
We will begin Kitchen Safety. Students will create a poster that illustrates one of the safety rules we cover in class. Safety Test will be on 9/5. 

Don't Forget:
$15 Lab fee is due 8/30/17. Cash or Check (made out to MVMS) along with student permission form. 
Please let me know on that form if your child has ANY FOOD ALLERGIES. I want students to be able to eat and enjoy the foods they cook in class. 
Our first Cooking Lab Experience will be after 8/30. Permission Slip must be signed by parent/guardian.