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Welcome to Consumer Science and Exploratory Consumer Science. Students will learn about: 
Nutrition, Measuring, Appliances, Equipment, Recipe Math, MyPlate, Meal Planning, Safety, Sanitation, and Foodborne Illness while preparing different recipes and enjoying their delicious creations!  Click on Useful Links to see the schedule for the semester! 

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Week of 3/12-3/16/18                Topic: Knife Skills
Picking up where we left of last Friday.......
Monday: Drain and cook your potatoes. We are making Garlic Mashed potatoes.
Lactose- free milk and cheese is available for those who need it. 
Tuesday: File, fold, Evaluate the Garlic Mashed Potato Lab. Develop a very thorough lab plan for Potato Soup Lab. 
Wednesday: Review cutting Board washing. Wash and Prep vegetables. Follow demonstration.
Thursday: Day 2 of the Potato soup Lab. Utilize measuring, cooking and safety skills to complete the product.
Friday: Knife Skills Test!  This is a written test over the basic knives and cutting techniques. 
We will also do our mid-semester deep clean of the kitchens. 

Week of 3/5- 3/9/18                 Topic: Parts of the Recipe & Intro Knife Skills
Monday we will review the chapter 22 study guide. 
Tuesday: knife vocab for IaNs- highlight and add info. 
Wednesday: Intro knives 
Thursday: knife pass & carry practice and demo
Friday: Knife skills- cut potatoes: peel, pare,  plank-slice, julienne, dice

Week of 2/26-3/2/18                  Topic: Measuring Review & Parts of the Recipe
Monday: Re-read chapter 16. Do the study questions at the end. Complete the Chapter 16 Study Guide
Tuesday: Chapter 15- read and complete the studyguide
Wednesday- Chapter 15 study guide complete and reviewed
Thursday:Chapter 22 and begin study guide
Friday: Catchup day. Complete Understanding Recipes

Week of 2/19-2/23 Topic: Recipe Math
Monday- No School President's Day
Tuesday: Equivalents notes to glue, read and highlight. Review for Equiv. Quiz
Wednesday: Recipe Overview and Lab plan- Make equivalent changes
Thursday: demo and finish lab plan
Friday: Lab

Week of 2/12-2/16/18 Topic: Equivalents
Monday: Equiv. Learning activity with measuring and comparing
Tuesday:Color code equivalent notes comparing spoons, cups, dry and liquid measuring.
Wednesday: Period 2,4, 6 Bake cookies for Senior Citizen Prom. Period 1 & 3 will make Spicy Hot Cocoa. 
Thursday: Chex Mix Equivalent activity. Equivalent Test!!!
Friday: Parent Teacher conferences. 

 Week of 2/5-2/9/18                Topic: Measuring and Equivalents
This week we continue with measuring. Students will have a measuring lab Tuesday. 
Monday we will prep for lab, Tuesday is our measuring lab, Wednesday we review the lab and the measuring assessment for the lab, Thursday/ Friday  we begin Equivalents with notes and handouts.Also , we will go over what will be on the Measuring test.

Week of 1/29-2/2/18                Topic:  Measuring Liquids and Solids
Monday students will take a Kitchen Safety Quiz. Makeups are on Thursday at lunch. Measuring techniques will be our focus. Monday we watch a Food Network video on measuring techniques and tools. Students will take notes as we view.
Tuesday we will have notes for Interactive notebooks. Wednesday we are review the recipes and assign names to each step in the directions and each ingredient to be measured. Thursday is our 1st measuring lab. Students will make a Super Bowl snack. Friday we have notes for Interactive notebooks. 

Week of 11/27-12/1/17 Topic: Nutrients! Are you getting the nutrients you need?
Only 3 more instructional weeks before EOCs and Finals. Yikes!
Monday: Nutrient Review. There are some notes to highlight and glue into your I-aNs. You will finish the Nutrient graphic organizer if you haven't done so. 
Tuesday: Nutrient Quiz. We will review it in class. Be sure you know the 6 nutrients and what they contribute. Also know what is the most important nutrient, which vitamins are water- soluble and which are fat-soluble. We will start to look at Nutrient Labels on packaging. Are you getting the nutrients you need?
Wednesday:  What are the most nutrient dense foods? Choose your recipe, Read through the recipe and make your lab plans and shopping list.
Thursday: Prep foods as needed. Rinsing, draining, cutting? What can you do today? We will use a different lab planning sheet this week.
Friday: Your lab. Be sure to dress appropriately and wear closed-toe shoes. Safety First!

Week of 11/20-11/21      Topic: Nutrients introduction
It's a short week!
Monday: We will review the MyPlate test you took on 11/17. Then we will look at Chapter 5 in Discovering Foods & Nutrition. The goal is to be able to know the 6 Basic Nutrients and how they help our bodies to function.
Tuesday: We will finish Chapter 5 and take notes about the nutrients. You have a graphic organizer to assist you. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

 Week of 11/13/17                                   Topic: My Plate Food Groups
Important Notice: Students with a D or lower will not participate in the upcoming lab. They will use lab time to finish work or redo work. All Late work is due Wednesday. After Wednesday missing work will be entered as 50%. 
Lab scores will be entered as Assessment scores

 Monday: Classes that did not finish their MyPlate food group lists will finish those in class. I will demo the Grain Lab: Breakfast Cookies for P1-P4, P6 will have Pumpkin Muffins demo.  Students will read recipes and complete plans.
Tuesday: Lab Breakfast Cookies/ Pumpkin Muffins. Lab will be graded as an assessment.
Wednesday: Myplate Projects begin
P1 and P3: Prepare a MyPlate with 5 examples in each compartment. 
P2 and P4: Create a 1 day 3-Meal Myplate which totals to the correct servings for each food group. Fruit = 2 cups, Vegetable = 2.5 cups, Grains = 6 oz., Protein - 5.5 oz, Dairy = 3 cups. Use the posters in class as your reference. Materials and rubric supplied in class.
P6: Will create a 3 Day menu that fulfills the MyPlate suggested amounts
Thursday: Work on MyPlate projects
Friday: Submit projects. Review requirements for Lab for next week. Make sure all late work has been turned in! Begin Lab Plans. Your MyPlate lab is next Monday and Tuesday!

Week of 11/6/17 Topic: Kitchen Math - Unit Pricing
Monday: Review Lab grades, watch Math in the Kitchen DVD -Cost Comparison
Finish the DVD worksheet - worksheet is due at end of class. 
Tuesday: Read pages 98-99 in green text/ Period 6 will read pages 67-68 in the white book
     Math work sheet "What's the Unit Price" review the answers
Wednesday: Cost Calculation - Cost Per serving 
Thursday: Intro for MYPLATE  5 food groups and what foods are in each group
Friday: MYPLATE activities - Make a MyPlate representation. 

Week of 10/30/17         Topic: Kitchen Math- Increasing & Decreasing Recipes
Tuesday is Parent-Teacher Conferences!
This week we will focus on how to increase and decrease the recipe. The formula is:    Desired yield = Magic number          
Original Yield

Multiply the Magic Number with the amount of each ingredient in the original recipe. 
Wednesday we will look at the recipes and begin decreasing.
Thursday you will prepare the potatoes and practice dicing. 
Friday you will cook the Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Remember: No open toe shoes during lab!!!!

Week of 10/23/17   Topic: Knife skills and Food Safety
2nd and 4th period will finish their knife skills lab with Day 2 of the Veggie "pizza" on Monday. Students will continue working on knife skills.
6th period will finish knife skills, review their lab for Chicken Stir Fry and will begin Cake decorating for this week. They will make cakes for the Cake Walk at the Fall Carnival that is taking place Friday night. 

Week of 10/16/17 Topic: Knife Skills and Food Safety

This week we will watch youtube demonstrations to learn how to use the knives safely and how to make the different kinds of cuts. Students will practice cuts initially with potatoes and later cut vegetables to create their food products. You will sanitize your cutting boards and clean knives as shown this week. Students must follow safety guidelines to participate in the lab. 
Click on Useful Links in the box in the upper left corner. You can preview a short knife skills video.

Reminder-  If I gave you a Conference Form, please turn it in by Wednesday. 
Conferences are October 31st. 

Week of 10/9/17 Topic: Food Safety and Knife Skills
We will finish our Parts of the Recipe Lab on Monday. Students in 6th period will analyze their lab and restore kitchens. You will read in the text about food safety and learn the names and uses of 4 knives. 

For week of 9/25                                 Topic of the week: Equivalent Measures

Measuring Test RETAKE will be on Monday!!!
If you scored below 70 % you may retake the test. In order to participate in the lab you must have a C or higher and all work completed.
Mon 9/25:
Review missing assignments. All unfinished work is due Friday morning.  Be sure to meet with me!!!
Review Lab Job Duties, Update Job Charts, finish making folders for your graded assignments and tests, file graded assignments. Intro new unit- Equivalents in the Kitchen.

Tuesday:  Reading chapter 16 pages 124-127. Equivalent notes to be highlighted.
Wednesday: Recipe Math DVD and worksheet. Learn about culinary abbreviations. 
Thursday: Use equivalent knowledge to find the correct  ingredient measurements for this week's lab. Create you lab plan.
Friday: Equivalent Lab. 

For Week of 9/4:
Tues: KITCHEN SAFETY TEST - Students must pass this test to work in the kitchens!!
         Kitchen Procedures/ Job duties
Wed: Lab Plans/ Aprons/ Procedures
Thur: Demo for the Lab, take notes.  Reminder: Friday be sure to DRESS FOR LAB- No open          toe shoes, long sleeves, jackets, hoodies
Fri: 1st Lab & Lab Analysis

Don't Forget: Curriculum Night is Thursday 9/7,  5 - 6:30 PM. I look forward to meeting parents!

For the week of 8/28:
On Monday we will have a quiz over Appliances and Equipment.
We will begin Kitchen Safety. Students will create a poster that illustrates one of the safety rules we cover in class. Safety Test will be on 9/5. 

Don't Forget:
$15 Lab fee is due 8/30/17. Cash or Check (made out to MVMS) along with student permission form. 
Please let me know on that form if your child has ANY FOOD ALLERGIES. I want students to be able to eat and enjoy the foods they cook in class. 
Our first Cooking Lab Experience will be after 8/30. Permission Slip must be signed by parent/guardian.