Math 8: Cook

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Becky Cook

Second Quarter has kicked off and students are working towards finishing Module 2 in eighth grade math.   This quarter students will be focused on Dilations and then Linear Equations in Modules 3, 4,& 5.  
All students and parents need to be reminded that  I am available at lunch to help students with work and allow them to redo specific assignments and tests.

Our Math Lab is available to students on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:20 pm until 4:20 pm.   Permission slips for that are available in the front office.

Parent Conferences are October 31!  Please make sure you are meeting with your student's CCR teacher.

We are quickly approaching all the holidays and that means we will be coming to the end of the semester and our FINAL exams will be here!  Students are keeping a folder with all their semester tests so they have study material.   Reviews will also be given out prior to the tests.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if your student is struggling and you have questions.
This week students have received their Class Codes for Kahn Academy.
All students who register with this code and begin work on the website will have a report sent to me on Monday mornings.   At the end of each quarter, students will receive extra credit points on their grades based on the number of hours spent working above and beyond what is done in class.
Kahn Academy and after school tutorials are the only avenues for extra credit within my classes this year.
Class code for 8th grade:  R8JDN2

How Can I Help My GRADE?
All students are welcome to redo work to show mastery of content.   Classwork can be resubmitted for additional points.   All tests can be retaken or an error analysis can be completed to attempt mastery and prove their knowledge of the content.
Mrs. Cook is available at lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays to tutor students who desire help.