8th Grade ELA Cramer

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Mrs. Cramer

Welcome 2017-2018 8th Grade Parents and Students!
 I am ready for another great year! I look forward to meeting with parents and students and working together to create a positive experience in ELA this year.

Hover over and click link  to  access the first quarter 2017-2018 syllabus for my class.  The syllabus is a great tool to help students prepare for practice and assessment grades in advance. It also helps students who have been absent, have a better idea about what was taught in class when they were gone.

Hover over and click link  to  access the 1st Quarter Google Slides I use to teach each day.  You will see objective and homework.  You will also see informative slides I use to guide students through tasks each day.  

We also use Google Classroom.  Students can use this link to go right to the classroom.  Students can also download the Google Classroom App on their phone and access the classroom anywhere their phone goes.

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Google Classroom