8th ELA, Ms. C'de Baca

EXPLANATORY ESSAY  Performance-based assessment (due Friday, Dec. 15th).
Find the essay writing formula PowerPoint and an annotated student essay example under
Important Documents.
MUST have prepared 3 most relevant pieces of textual evidence, 1 from each small group reading. 
Prompt: How can literature help people remember and honor the victims of the Holocaust?

Initial essay writing steps: 

1) Make a thesis (claim+clause+3 supporting reasons)
2) Break the thesis (claim+clause+SR1)
3) Closely paraphrase 3 topic sentences (from the "broken" thesis). These become the initial sentences for the 3 body paragraphs.
4) Cite most relevant textual evidence (3-step MLA citation). 
5) Clearly explain the evidence (2 sentences).