8th ELA, Ms. C'de Baca

MON-THU, Oct. 9-12

Develop the non-fiction narrative about the most significant milestone in your own life or that of someone you know.

Mon, Oct. 9th

1). Pull up the non-fiction PBA Google doc in Google Classroom. Begin with an engaging and thought-provoking title, continue with an engaging hook. For help with developing the hook, open the link to a video inside the "Narrative Writing Guidelines" Word document. 

2). Consult "My Perspectives" online for an example of an advanced non-fiction narrative, and/or pull up the launch text "Red Roses" to use as a guide.

Tue, Oct. 10th
REVISE/ Complete the hook and exposition section of your non-fiction narrative. Look at the advanced hook examples under  "Important Documents".
Develop the milestone (rite of passage) as the mid-portion of your narrative.  This section of the narrative must address why the milestone you are writing about is the most significant in your life or the life of someone else. Remember that the challenge of this part is it tends to be bland and non-descriptive. Use www.thefreedictionary.com in the thesaurus portion (www.freethesaurus.com) to help with descriptive language and figurative expressions. Try incorporating Unit 1 domain-specific words, highlight in orange. 
Wed, Oct. 11th
Develop a thoughtful reflection to reflect on the lesson learned from the milestone and that supports that this milestone is the most significant in your life. 
Must use a minimum of 5 theme words in the reflection, highlight in pink.  

THU, Oct. 12th
Completed PBA narrative due through Google Classroom ("turn in" at the end of class). Use the PBA scoring rubric to self-revise and peer-revise your narrative before you submit it. 

As a resource, look at the list of strongest narrative reflections, Universal Themes list and PBA scoring rubric under Important Documents. 

As a resource, look at the list of strongest narrative reflections and Universal Themes list under Important Documents. 
Any and all guiding documents: pull up from "Important Documents" link.