Show Choir

Show Choir getting ready to start!
Show Choir invitations went home with eligible students about 2 weeks ago. In order to be eligible, students should be showing no Ds or Fs in powerschool, or have the "OK" from that teacher due to some mitigating circumstance (They were absent and missed a big assignment, that they are working on to catch up...etc...) Students should also be performing well in their music class, as this will be part of the audition process this year. If your student is interested in joining showchoir, but did NOT receive an invitation and you're not sure why not, please have them come talk to me. We'll double check grades together and make sure I didn't make a mistake (Invitation fell behind the piano, got left on a chair etc...), or tell them what they need to fix in order to receive one.

If your student is interested in joining show choir, a copy of the invitation is posted below, as well as an explanation of the audition process and advice for preparation.

Auditions will be held on October 15th and 16th, from 6:30pm until all students signed up have completed their audition (Usually around 8:30pm) Results will be posted the following week along with a rehearsal/performance schedule for the year.
Show choir is an extra curricular activity intended for our most ambitions of music students. We meet 3 days a week after school to develop a singing and dancing performance oriented team that will perform and compete with other such teams.
The group is limited in size (around 50 max...but sometimes smaller) and is therefore available only to students currently enrolled in music classes at MVMS, and recommended by their teachers. Furthermore, there is an audition process involved. Teacher invitations should be coming out to students within the next few weeks, and the auditions are about a month away. More information will be posted here as the event approaches.

Students, I can't wait to hear the auditions you have prepared. 
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