National History Day


A State Winner!
One of MVMS’ amazing students proved that she truly is an historian. Seventh-grader Amisha Choudhary placed first in the paper category at New Mexico’s National History Day competition on Friday, April 24. She researched both primary and secondary sources about Gandhi, showcasing his leadership and legacy. Amisha now moves on to the national competition at the University of Maryland in June. Congratulations.

Regional Winners!
You are amazing! At the March 6 regional competition, we had a second-place winner in the group exhibit category and a third-place winning paper. Now, it's time to make some revisions and take the projects to the state contest on April 24. Way to go! We are very, very proud of you!
Regional Competiton Date!
Get excited! The Central Regional Competition for National History Day in New Mexico is set for Friday, March 6, at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque!
One Meeting a Week From Now On
Since all of you are working hard on your projects, we will meet on Mondays after school only from now on. It is our hope that you are project-creating throughout your week. On Mondays, bring your questions and we will happily answer them. Thanks!
Is Your Bibliography Growing?
Hey clubbers! Be sure to add to your bibliography each week. A great idea mentioned by our guest speaker recently is to put one resource on each page of your notebook. Annotate it. Leave the other side blank. Later, you can tear out each page, and visualize how the sources will take shape as part of your final project. This practice also will help you write your process paper.
We Got a Grant!
We wanted to let all of you know that we have received a grant to purchase some resources to help students plan their projects, as well as some T-shirts. Stay tuned!
Club Time
We have decided to hold club meetings twice a week, at least for the next several months. Feel free to join us after school on Mondays and Fridays. We will meet in Room 203. Be sure to have someone pick you up promptly at 4:15 p.m.
This website, which is affiliated with National History Day, has some awesome links to profiles of 100 world leaders who did some amazing things! Browse through the website for some cool ideas!
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100 Leaders!
Browse through this website to find leaders that left a legacy!
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